Brand New King Arts MPS004 1/1 Captain America2 Shield-Classic Red Wall Fixed Style


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Product Series: 1/1 Movie props series
Product Name: 1/1 Captain America Shield
Film Authorized :<< Captain America2-The Winter Soldier>>
Product Code: MPS004
Product name: Captain America2 Shield-Classic Red Wall Fixed Style

Product Specification
Product Measurement: 85*74*11.5 CM (with bottom wood block)
Outer carton size: around 84*21.5*96.5CM
Per carton weight: around 15.7 KGS
Material Used:Alloy+ Genuine leather +wood block
Packing: 1set/carton

*Final products maybe slightly different from the official pictures shown.
*All prices do not include freight. Shipment from China.

Product features
*Authorized by Marvel! Global exclusive sale for 6 item in different styles!
*Genuine leather straps making feeling back to the movie scene; full of reality and stability.
*Aluminum alloy making, metal drawing process, perfect on each detail of good quality.
*Senior International Movie Props Collections, you can either be a super hero or captain American!
*Exquisite fixed wall design, space saving, decorates the indoor furnishing with joy infinite.
*The Wall Fixed Style has circular LED backlight technology make the shield outstanding!