Brand New King Arts MPS026 1/1 Tesseract The Avengers Movie props series

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Tesseract , one of infinity stone. I remember Loki may have used it to open the door leading to the Asgard  Now King Arts is introduce new 1/1 movie prop , collect positive energy, how can Without it
Product introduction
Product Series: 1/1 Movie props series
Product Name: 1/1  Tesseract
Film Authorized :<< The Avengers >>
Product Code: MPS026

Product Specification
Product Measurement: around 20* 20* 51CM
Outer carton size: around 30* 30* 65CM
Per carton weight: around 8 KGS
Material Used:engineering-plastic
Packing: 1set/carton

*Final products maybe slightly different from the official pictures shown.
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Product features
* Exclusive worldwide, genuine authority, movie props level collection!
* Rotate the handle to the middle stone to light up the Tesseract