Brand New King Arts MPS028 1/1 Captain America Helmet


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Product introduction
Captain America, the hero, justice, strength spokesperson! Outside the shield, the helmet is the captain of the most representative props. King Arts is launching a Captain America helmet 1/1 pedestal models

Product Series: 1/1 Movie Props Series
Product Name: 1/1 Captain America Helmet.
Product Code: MPS028
Film Authorized :<< Captain America 3 >>

Product Specification
Product Measurement: 22*30*35CM
Outer carton size: around35*45*50CM
Per carton weight: around 4KGS
Material Used:Resin + Genuine leather
Packing: 1 set/carton
Barcode: 4897056411784

*Final products maybe slightly different from the official pictures shown.
*All prices do not include freight. Shipment from China.

Product features
*Authorized by Marvel!The official 3D data making to restore the film model.
*Accurate and detailed texture and color texture, the movie feeling reproduce eyes!
*Local limited selling; each product has an independent limited certificate, High potential appreciation and valuable for collection.